What is Nature Tech Connect?

"Nature Tech Connect" is the Wilderize motto. We love the outdoors and want to help folks share their love of it, too.

"Visual Storytelling" is our name for stories that use video, pictures, and sound. We can help you navigate the tech, the techniques, and the Social Media - which is where many connections happen today.

Wilderize hopes to help you with the tech so you can make your nature projects connect with folks all over the earth.

So tell us what you want to know! We want to help.

What’s to Come?

Video Camera Tips:
What's the best camera? How do I edit videos?

Storytelling Tips
Can I crank this stuff out frequently and still run a business? What stories do folks want to hear?

Social Media Tips
Why twitter? What about Facebook? Is it worth the effort?

Can I do this stuff?
Of course you can! Step by step.