About Wilderize

What is Wilderize, Who is David Bourne and Why Should You Care?

One day in the Florida Keys, a fishing guide asked me a simple question:

“How do I get more traffic to my website?”

After I gave him the short answer (you need storytelling that gets your traffic to convert), I realized that this fellow was not alone.

There are thousands of nature pros out there who could use a better knowledge of Internet marketing, visual storytelling, photography, and social media use.

And that was how Wilderize was born.

I realized that I could make a big difference for nature guide businesses and for wildlife: by helping guides learn what I know about online marketing, storytelling, and digital media tools.

Storytelling comes naturally to them but marketing often does not.

Thankfully, most nature pros are all great storytellers already. All I have to do is help them transition to telling stories online in a way that gets customers calling.

Together we can make a huge difference.

This Is What You Get

Find and Connect with Customers

  • Connect with a larger audience who is already online
  • Improve customer connections through online tools (like your website, email techniques, and Social Media if that interests you)
  • Build online exposure that creates authority, making you the go-to person with a proven online track record

Feel Better about Your Business

  • Learn Internet tools before your competition does
  • Use mobile phones that help you stay outdoors as much as possible
  • Don’t put off marketing for months, when a few minutes a day will work wonders

Live Your Outdoor Dream Job

One big thing that I like about my customers is they all want a dream job, just like I do.

We both want to work hard, stay outdoors as much as possible and have control over our careers. Family and friends matter to us, and working to help the outdoors matters.

Make a Bigger Difference

The best way to learn more about this is to sign up for Wilderize updates. Email is the most direct line to learning what your customer wants and needs.

What is the #1 marketing problem you struggling with the most? Sign up, and let me know. I’d love to hear how I can help.

P.S. Here is the Traditional “About Me” Blurb

Sometimes you just have to say it this way, so here goes the traditional “About Me”.

David Bourne is a 20 year veteran of the media business. He has created promotional videos for the outdoor industry, and has worked in a hospital teaching surgeons how to use digital media. He’s taught college students “Digital Storytelling”, web design and video editing, and he has promoted many non-profits with web-based video productions. He holds a Masters degree in Media Arts and a Masters of Fine Art in Visual Art.