How To Promote Your Business Online With Nature Stories

Have You Got Nature Stories Worth Sharing?

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In this episode:

  • How to promote your business by talking about your passions and expertise
  • How a fishing guide used nature stories to transform his business
  • Why storytelling works online
  • How to do marketing without being pushy


Don’t Do “Marketing”, Tell Stories About What You Love!

In this first episode I help you get over a big hurdle many small business owners face: how to promote your business online without it feeling like a sales pitch every time.

Storytelling is more fun than “marketing”, it’s easier and it works! This is something I struggle with myself, so I feel your pain, if this sounds like you.

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Video Transcript

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Hey folks, it’s David Bourne for and this is Episode 1 of the “How Storytelling Works Series: The tips tools and secrets to better promoting your nature business online.

Telling quick stories online can help your business by allowing you to share your passion your expertise for your knowledge set. It’s a really excellent way to gain an audience, to get some attention, to give you something to talk about: and storytelling is a big part of this.

A Fishing Guide’s Transformation

So to start things off, I’m going to tell you a story about a fellow I met. He was fishing guide and I met him on an eco-tour which after we got started for a while on the tour, I asked him about his business and he told me was a fishing guide and that eco-tours were not something that he wanted to do at first. But, he was asked to do it and started doing them.

And after a while he realized that they he really liked it! He had all this wealth of knowledge that he had gained over the years from being a fisherman: from knowing the area, from knowing the weather, from knowing how tides effect fishing, how you can you can learn from the birds how they can tell you where the fish are.

He’d spent whole life outdoors in this environment and he was so passionate about it, and all that came out when he started telling the stories on the eco-tour, something at first he thought would not be fun at all.

How Stories help Your Nature Business

The reason I’m telling you this story is that storytelling makes a huge difference. It resonates with people. So if you have a passion for what you do for your outdoor-based nature-based business, if you could spread that passion online you can really start seeing results.

Telling quick stories online is a great way to let people know about your expertise about your passions share those passions and it’s a good way to promote your business without feeling like you’re promoting it. You can do marketing without feeling you are doing marketing. You just share your stories, share your passions, and I’m here to help you with the technical details and with plan of how it all works.

So if you want to know more go to to get more links for relevant information on these topics. So look for more in the series of “How Storytelling Works”.

Thanks! It’s David Bourne for

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