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How Storytelling Works: Episode 003

The Tips, Tools and Secrets to Help Promote Your Nature Business Online

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Creating and Shooting Video Productions is Hard, Or is it?

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A lot of people think shooting with video cameras is hard.

And it’s true that lots of folks do get video production wrong.

But it does not have to be this way. Your stuff can look (and sound) great if you will use a few simple tips and techniques.

You will feel better for it because you will know that you have met the basics and your story will be visually solid.

After all, if you feel better about your content, you will tell more stories on the web and you will connect better with your customers.

More video content can mean more viewers and more potential customers. That can improve traffic and help with SEO, as well.

How to Shoot Video: My Top 5 Tips

  • Sound – if you miss this one, you are sunk!
  • Steady – how to lock in your grip
  • Soft – don’t let harsh lighting ruin your shot
  • Sideways – video is horizontal and use the Rule of Thirds
  • Excitement – this is where the story gets good

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Here is the link to the inexpensive but good smartphone mic I promised in the video.

If you take a look at most online video, you will see a lot of junk. Most of it is silly personal stuff (we can forgive the junk with that type) but a good number of rough looking videos are for small businesses. Ouch.

So, make some small efforts and get big paybacks; your videos will be better heard, less shaky, better lit and well balanced.

And most importantly, the excitement you capture will make for great storytelling.

Got any other tips or questions for me? Just let know in the comments. Or hit me up on Twitter.

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