My First Email Response to Dell – Mac-PC Video Workflows

Mac-PC Video Workflow Project

As visual storytellers, we have to choose our tools wisely. Sure, we can edit video on our mobile devices, but to get the fastest, most precise results you will need a  Video Workstation.

So, when Dell computers asked me to try out a PC, I was hesitant. As a Mac user, adding a PC  into my workflow would be tough.

But I did it, and I was surprised by how much I liked the machine.

Learn more about why a Mac user added a Dell to his workflow.


My Response to Dell When They Asked Me to Try a PC Workstation.


Jan 27, 2012

Hi there,


It looks like you have me pegged. I used to buy and use nothing but

Dells, ever since working at Duke Hospital and then UNC-Asheville. I

swore by them.


Then I had a 40 min documentary crash, and crash and crash, just as I

was ready to export it on a Christmas Eve deadline (why did I agree to



It was not Dell’s fault, it was Premiere’s fault. So I swore off the

PC and Moved to FCP.


Now I’m back to using Premiere, because of their move to FCPX and

apparent flipping of the finger to Video Pros like me.


But yes, it’s on a Mac. And as you know the options are limited in

when it comes to graphics acceleration. IT’s still pretty awesome

though, and I rarely use FCP now.


But here’s the rub. I’m a Mac lover. I started editing video on one

when I was 23 (I’m 43 now – that went fast). My mac was a 660AV, and I

edited postage stamp sized video clips and loved it.


So, will a try at a free PC change my mind? I don’t’ know, but if you

are willing to give it a try, I am too.


Thanks for considering me. It’s an interesting situation.





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