Video Editing Workflows with Macs and PCs

Dell gave me a video editing laptop computer to try out. Awesome right?

Well, yes it is awesome, but I’m a Mac video user, so it was tough to get it into my video editing workflow.

What’s more, I really (really) don’t like Windows.

But in my geeky world, a new computer is s pretty sweet thing, so I gave it an honest try.

Here are the results, with a bit of history on the project.


The Mac/PC Video Workflow Project History

My initial email response to Dell, when they asked to try a PC in my video workflow. My strong response as a Mac user did not slow them down.

I made a short video about my experience of trying out the Dell M6600 Mobile Workstation that Dell, Nvidia and Adobe teamed up to give me to try out and to keep.

I wrote the Top 5 Reasons a Mac Video Editor Should Try A Dell for Direct2dell, Dell’s official corporate blog. See their version of it here, next week.

Setting Up a Mac/PC Workflow for Video Editing

Every Lynda tutorial has a few free videos that you can watch without subscribing. There is a great summary of the advantages of Adobe’s Mercury Playback Engine here. Look under part 2 for the free video.

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  1. Elizabeth chevrie says:

    Is this still the computer to get for avid? Or should we consider the 6700 for example.

    Thanks so much for your review I learned a lot


    • Elizabeth,

      I’m not sure. When I used to use Avid, it had a very restricted hardware list that they would support. If your hardware was not on their list, they would say, Sorry! We can’t help you fix your problem.

      I hope Avid does not still do this, but I like I said, I don’t know.


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