Rain Birds

Rain Birds I opened the windows and watched for birds yesterday. I had some luck. I think most of these birds saw me, but since they are pretty used to people, they kept coming to the feeder anyway. Who is Who In order of appearance; house finch – M, mourning dove, house finch – M, […]

Shooting the Harvest Moon

I thought it would be fun to get a pic of the Harvest Moon right at the moment Fall began. This video was taken five minutes or so before that time, as I was setting up the shot. I couldn’t believe the moon was moving off the frame so quickly. It just seems to hang […]

Bears on Town Mountain Rd, Asheville, NC

I drove up on a mama bear and her three cubs on Town Mountain Road in Asheville, NC. They took off away from me pretty quickly, which is a good thing. Bears need to be afraid of people. I used a 200 mm zoom lens so I was not that close to them.  If […]

Crabapple Spring and Fall

My Second “Daily Wild” post, Crabapple Spring and Fall The gear: Canon T2i (550D), 70-200 L, Final Cut Pro, Compressor