Rain Birds

Rain Birds I opened the windows and watched for birds yesterday. I had some luck. I think most of these birds saw me, but since they are pretty used to people, they kept coming to the feeder anyway. Who is Who In order of appearance; house finch – M, mourning dove, house finch – M, […]

French Broad River Academy at Carrier Park, Asheville, NC

I recently bumped into French Broad River Academy instructors David Byers and Willy Kates’ down by the French Broad River. Their 6th and 7th grade students (all boys) were jogging, playing soccer and having a picnic lunch. It looked like a frequent outing for them and I suppose it could be, since the school is […]

Shooting the Harvest Moon

I thought it would be fun to get a pic of the Harvest Moon right at the moment Fall began. This video was taken five minutes or so before that time, as I was setting up the shot. I couldn’t believe the moon was moving off the frame so quickly. It just seems to hang […]

Bears on Town Mountain Rd, Asheville, NC

I drove up on a mama bear and her three cubs on Town Mountain Road in Asheville, NC. They took off away from me pretty quickly, which is a good thing. Bears need to be afraid of people. I used a 200 mm zoom lens so I was not that close to them.  If […]