Why Your Facebook Account is Killing Your Website


Is Your Facebook Account Killing Your Website? Let me first say that Facebook can be a great way to find customers. I know that, and I appreciate it. It’s huge. BUT, (and this is a big ‘ole but!) when you drive customers AWAY from your site to Facebook, you may as well be sending them […]

How to Shoot Better Video: The Top 5 Production Tips – How Storytelling Works

How Storytelling Works: Episode 003 The Tips, Tools and Secrets to Help Promote Your Nature Business Online Learn how to tell better stories more frequently here: Creating and Shooting Video Productions is Hard, Or is it? A lot of people think shooting with video cameras is hard. And it’s true that lots of folks do […]

Find an Audience with Your Stories – How Storytelling Works

Tips, Tools and Secrets to Help Promote Your Nature Business Online – Episode 002   Put Stories Online So Searchers and Search Engines Can Find You Self promotion is hard for most of us. But if you have a business, you know that there are people out there who want what you have to offer. […]

How To Promote Your Business Online With Nature Stories


Have You Got Nature Stories Worth Sharing? In this episode: How to promote your business by talking about your passions and expertise How a fishing guide used nature stories to transform his business Why storytelling works online How to do marketing without being pushy   Don’t Do “Marketing”, Tell Stories About What You Love! In […]