Video Editing Workflows with Macs and PCs

dell laptop

Dell gave me a video editing laptop computer to try out. Awesome right? Well, yes it is awesome, but I’m a Mac video user, so it was tough to get it into my video editing workflow. What’s more, I really (really) don’t like Windows. But in my geeky world, a new computer is s pretty […]

Top 5 Reasons a Mac Video Editor Should Try A Dell

The Storytelling and Tools Conflict In my work as a video editor and as an instructor, I try to focus on the importance of storytelling over the importance of the tools. But it’s hard. Good storytelling elements never change, whereas video editing tools change like the weather. For example, I often get asked by my […]

New Final Cut Pro Puts a Great Video Editor Within Reach

FINALLY! Final Cut Pro, the awesome video editing application from Apple is getting a major update called Final Cut Pro X. Here is what it means to someone new to editing videos.   You get it for $299! This because they are selling it separately from the bigger studio package. It used to be about $1000.00 Faster […]