An embedded YouTube video in the iPhone’s Safari


I get this question every once in a while, because YouTube and Iphone webpages used to have problems. Here is an example of how an embedded YouTube video now looks in the iPhone’s Safari browser (2011). The video is public, and the code was copied off of YouTube and pasted into the WordPress page. This […]

Dogwoods at Beaver Lake, Asheville, NC

Dogwoods at Beaver Lake, Asheville, NC Gear: iPhone 4, iMovie mobile app I shot and edited this on my mobile phone. Pretty crazy! Some day soon, it will be no big deal. I did not upload this version from the phone, however. It’s only a 30 MB file, but the iPhone won’t upload in HD. […]

Test pic from mobile phone app


A test pic from the WordPress iPhone app. This is a pic of where you change the settings that allow the app to “see” WordPress. Just in case you need to know!