What Project Can You Feel Indispensable About?

Jacqueline Novogratz on How to Recognize a Linchpin Jacqueline Novogratz on how to recognize a linchpin from Seth Godin on Vimeo. I’m a Big Fan of this Lady. One day in 2008, I was watching a video of Seth Godin, when Jacqueline was briefly mentioned. I immediately stopped watching Seth (sorry buddy) and looked her […]

Become a Better Starter with Poke the Box: The Workbook


An Awesome Book for a Buck Seth Godin sold me a book last week for $1. I buy all of Seth’s books and they usually cost at least $10. So that’s $9 of goodness to me, from Seth. Thanks Buddy! “Poke the Box” is a great book, which makes it all the better. Seth has […]