The girls asked for paper mâché. They got balloons to make blowfish. And I, a shark. #SharkWeek

A few notes about this post: 1. It is an example of a very quickly created post. It was made using Posterous, a web product that can feed directly to WordPress. 2. To do it: take a picture on your smartphone, attach the pic to a Twitter post, and it’s posted in several places at […]

Is Social Networking a Waste Of Time to Google?


Social Media: a Waste of Time? When you first start using social networking sites, it can seem to get you nowhere. It can feel like a total waste of time that gets little return on investment (oh, that coveted ROI!). I used to think it was useless myself, but I put in the time and it paid off. My small […]

Become a Better Starter with Poke the Box: The Workbook


An Awesome Book for a Buck Seth Godin sold me a book last week for $1. I buy all of Seth’s books and they usually cost at least $10. So that’s $9 of goodness to me, from Seth. Thanks Buddy! “Poke the Box” is a great book, which makes it all the better. Seth has […]

New Site Design for Wilderize

I set myself a deadline to “ship” and I’ll be damned, but I made it. Perfectionism be gone! That’s what it takes some time to get things done. The Wilderize site is FAR from finished, far from perfect, but it’s off the starting line and running the race. Time to get the ball rolling. But first […]