Find an Audience with Your Stories – How Storytelling Works

Tips, Tools and Secrets to Help Promote Your Nature Business Online – Episode 002   Put Stories Online So Searchers and Search Engines Can Find You Self promotion is hard for most of us. But if you have a business, you know that there are people out there who want what you have to offer. […]

How To Promote Your Business Online With Nature Stories


Have You Got Nature Stories Worth Sharing? In this episode: How to promote your business by talking about your passions and expertise How a fishing guide used nature stories to transform his business Why storytelling works online How to do marketing without being pushy   Don’t Do “Marketing”, Tell Stories About What You Love! In […]

What Makes Incredible Imagery Even Better? A Story.

We all love watching spectacular imagery, amazing feats and fearless athletes, but footage of those things only go so far. So what can make this visual awesomeness even better? A story. I found this video recently that taught me something about storytelling. I’m sharing it here because if we pay more attention to the story […]

Thanks and a Story for Gary Barnes and Sonia Simone

Overcoming Limitations Setup Long Ago I’m sharing this on Wilderize because I hope you can gain from the lessons I’m learning from my “Little Genius”; that voice that too often holds us back. Seth Godin calls this voice the lizard brain, and believe me, it’s a concept you need to be familiar with. Otherwise, it […]

What’s the Best Camera to Help Spread Your Message?

Script, Shoot, Edit and Promote on One Device: A Smartphone   I get this question a lot: “What camera should I buy for making web videos?” If you don’t have a good way to edit your video already, the answer is simple: consider a smartphone. They are not always the best at what they do, […]

Become a Better Starter with Poke the Box: The Workbook


An Awesome Book for a Buck Seth Godin sold me a book last week for $1. I buy all of Seth’s books and they usually cost at least $10. So that’s $9 of goodness to me, from Seth. Thanks Buddy! “Poke the Box” is a great book, which makes it all the better. Seth has […]

Tell Better Stories – Read “Made to Stick”


Get Your Ideas Across You already have great ideas, but if you want your ideas to make a difference go read Made to Stick. In it, brothers Chip and Dan Heath have given you an excellent resource for sharpening ways to make your ideas gain traction. For example, the book describes a common trap we all fall […]