Why Your Facebook Account is Killing Your Website


Is Your Facebook Account Killing Your Website? Let me first say that Facebook can be a great way to find customers. I know that, and I appreciate it. It’s huge. BUT, (and this is a big ‘ole but!) when you drive customers AWAY from your site to Facebook, you may as well be sending them […]

The girls asked for paper mâché. They got balloons to make blowfish. And I, a shark. #SharkWeek

A few notes about this post: 1. It is an example of a very quickly created post. It was made using Posterous, a web product that can feed directly to WordPress. 2. To do it: take a picture on your smartphone, attach the pic to a Twitter post, and it’s posted in several places at […]

A Simple Pic of Why I don’t Like Facebook. A Metaphor for the Walled Garden

Google Can't Find-Facebook Screenshot

Oops! Google Chrome could not find www.facebook.com   Dont’ Let Facebook Wall You In Marketing your business on Facebook can be a good idea, but be careful. FB hides itself from search engines like Google and Bing. FB does have it’s own search capability, but it pales in comparison to the bigger engines. So if […]

An embedded YouTube video in the iPhone’s Safari


I get this question every once in a while, because YouTube and Iphone webpages used to have problems. Here is an example of how an embedded YouTube video now looks in the iPhone’s Safari browser (2011). The video is public, and the code was copied off of YouTube and pasted into the WordPress page. This […]

An Easy Way to Add Vertical Space to Your Blog

Why Do I Need Vertical Space on My Page? Better vertical space can make your text easier to scan Think of it as “more white-space” It’s less tiring on the reader’s eye and that means happier readers who read longer! Because Problogger Darren Rouse says so! How You Do It There are better ways to […]