What Makes Incredible Imagery Even Better? A Story.

We all love watching spectacular imagery, amazing feats and fearless athletes, but footage of those things only go so far. So what can make this visual awesomeness even better? A story.

I found this video recently that taught me something about storytelling. I’m sharing it here because if we pay more attention to the story details that others create, we can make our own stories better. And and that will help us connect with our own audiences, and help us get the results we want.

This footage of a man jumping off a cliff could stand on its own as amazing and wonderful, but the added story details make it “sticky” and gave it a deeper connection to the viewer.

SENSE OF FLYING from Goovinn on Vimeo.

A few reasons it connects with us as a story.

  • Shared Humanity: The jumper talks about being afraid before a jump shows us that he’s more like us. Would you be scared? Damn straight, I would be!
  • His monologue describes his pre-jump thoughts, the steps he takes before a jump and how climbing the mountain calms him down.
  • The jumper mentions that he dreams of flying. Many of us have dreamt that we could fly in day dreams and at night. This is another connection that we share. A pretty deep one. You may not have even thought about it or even know you have done it, if you don’t remember your dreams.
  • Audio: The flight footage is hard to believe. The sound of him passing by sounds like a jet, and it did not sink in for me that’s it was real until a few similar shots happened.
  • Graphics: The side view shot of the mountain with the graphics floored me. I assumed that jumpers went straight down, but the suit must help him glide much more diagonally. These graphics added to my amazement of the angle of flight.

Base jumpers are often called crazy, stupid and suicidal and for good reason. This is incredibly dangerous. But they do something we only dream of. They can really fly.

How about you?

Did this story connect with you in any way? Have you ever dreamt you could fly? I have, and I remember it feeling wonderful. Maybe that’s why I like this story so much.

I’d love to know what you think, so drop me a line.

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  1. Excellent, David. Excellent. My favorite dreams are of flying.

    • Hi Aleena!

      I think the writers know how common it is to dream of flying and how great it feels. I’m not sure where they are going with this project, but they have tapped into a deep vein.

      It’s great to hear from you!


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